New Business

Partnering with Smithwick

Step 1. Get in Touch

Requests for Smithwick to manage a new Strata can be made by email or telephone.


Step 2. Information Required

Information required to prepare a new business proposal are as follows:

  • Details of the strata complex (Strata Plans if applicable, By-Laws and Management Statement).
  •  Type of strata, commercial, residential, industrial or hybrid.
  • For commercial or industrial properties; types of shops or businesses.
  • Scope of Work.
  • Additional features: lift, tennis courts, pool, underground parking, heritage listing.
  • Percentage of owner/occupiers.
  • Active Council of Owners, schedule of meetings and date of last AGM.

Step 3. Review

Once the information provided is reviewed, Smithwick will prepare a written proposal which will include services offered in the all inclusive management fee.

Upon engaging Smithwick, Smithwick will conduct a detailed inspection of the Property utilising the services of a third party consultant to document all the relevant information about the Strata, conduct a gap analysis, a safety review, and identify any opportunities for improvement.

For references, please contact our office to obtain an up-to-date reference and referees list.LEARN MORE »

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