Maintenance Management

Emergency, preventative, and routine maintenance

A strata unit is defined under the Strata Titles Act 1985, however the exact specification depends on what type of strata it is and the notations on the strata plan. However, this also depends on many other factors (e.g. age, when registered, etc.) Smithwick Strata Services with the assistance of an independent third party ensure that an interpretation of the strata plan is completed to determine the actual boundaries for every strata in their management so there is no confusion on the responsibilities.

Acting under instructions from the Council of Owners, the Strata Manager maintains the common property. If there is a maintenance problem with a unit e.g. water leaks, plumbing problems etc, then this should be reported to the Strata Manager who will arrange for a contractor to attend.

Smithwick use a list of specialist contractors who are very experienced in strata maintenance. They are aware of the issues surrounding security and access in respect of strata properties. Smithwick maintain service agreements with these contractors and verify and maintain all records relating to insurance and safety requirements.

Emergency Maintenance and Repairs

In the event of an emergency, e.g. break-in, serious storm damage, fire or flood, call the appropriate emergency services (police, fire brigade or State Emergency Services). Then contact us on our 24hr emergency telephone number – (08) 9227 6274.

Preventative Maintenance

With approval from the Council of Owners and the budget, Smithwick has a schedule of preventative maintenance activities which attempt to minimise the effect of seasonal climate changes such as:

  • Pest Control – Smithwick arranges for an inspection of the property for termites and black ants. This is especially important for older properties with wooden fences.
  • Gutter Cleaning – Before the onset of winter, Smithwick arranges for a roofing contractor to clean the gutters of their properties. This is to help minimise the water damage caused by winter rains and storms.
  • Reticulation – Before summer sets in, Smithwick arranges for a reticulation contractor to inspect the reticulation systems and affect any necessary repairs. This is done to protect the garden and lawns and reduce the wastage of water due to broken sprinklers.

Routine Maintenance

This includes, cleaning, gardening, electrical and plumbing works, electronic gate repairs and minor repairs.  Funds for this type of maintenance are usually included in the annual budget which is administered by Smithwick to run the strata.